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Terry Lynne


Farmers Branch City Council

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Early Voting

April 22 - 30

Election Day

May 4


This May, residents who live in District 4 of Farmers Branch will have the opportunity to reelect Terry Lynne to our City Council. See District 4 map.

For the past 3 years, I have said Farmers Branch residents should not have to settle for the status quo. Farmers Branch residents deserve a representative who will “LISTEN FIRST” to our city’s residents.

I have been a representative who brought new and innovative ideas to the table, challenging the status quo. We need to be proactive in our efforts to redevelop our city while holding dear the values and history of our city. We need to create and promote growth without losing our “City in a Park” feeling. That is my mission.

During my term I have been to over 326 events* representing the city and my constituents. I made a commitment to represent by example, not to just fill a seat. 

My candidacy brings experience from both my service and involvement in the growth and development of our city and my many years of business experience.

I have been an active participant helping our city move forward and have had the privilege of serving our city on:

  • A Charter Review Committee
  • As Chairman of the Building & Standards Commission
  • Planning & Zoning Commissioner 

My promise is that I will LISTEN FIRST to you. You may call me anytime with your comments, questions or suggestions on what I can do to better our city.

I would appreciate your consideration and vote on May 4.

* Events as of 2/27/19